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About La Bella
Passionate about chocolates! Children and Young People.

My name is Jayne and many of you may know me through my therapy work. But for those who don't, before "La Bella Chocolate" was born, I was a counsellor/therapist and hypnotherapist for many, many years working both with adults and young people, within my private practice and working in primary and secondary schools.

Like many people Covid19 allowed me to stop, slow down and think about my business and direction in life. I am a creative soul, so being forced to stop allowed me to spend more time experimenting in the kitchen and connecting to my creativity. Chocolate became my focus. I loved learning different techniques, experimenting with different flavours and being a bit of a chocoholic myself, obviously taste testing was the best part!

And so La Bella Chocolate was born.

I myself love a chocolate with lots of flavour and taste, so I try to pack my chocolates with lots of lovely powerful flavours. Whether you’re sampling some sweet tasting chocolate, truffles or eating a crunchy honeycomb slab bar you won’t forget the taste!

I always new at the beginning of my chocolate adventure, I wanted to somehow incorporate my years of experience working with children and young people with chocolate. So I am super happy to now be offering my "Chocolate Therapy Programs" for children and young people!

I have always worked creatively with children, so I have a lovely insight into how powerful working creatively with kids can be. It brings a different dimension to help young people understand, relate, heal and connect to whatever they may be feeling, at times when they are not able to find their voice in a positive way. So now I can bring my love of chocolate to my therapy sessions in a fun chocolatey way.

My chocolate therapy programs will obviously be underpinned by my years of counselling experience and working creatively with children and young people. Allowing a calm safe space, using fun and creative ways to help express difficult emotions and feelings through creativity and playfulness and through lots of chocolatey fun, to foster healing and mental well-being, building confidence/self esteem and a positive emotional self awareness.

So if you know a young person who could benefit from a safe space to explore, connect and understand more about how they are feeling with things such as - 

Anxiety, Anger, Low Mood, Grief, Confidence, Negative Body Image, Self Harm, Bullying, Peer Pressure, General Direction in Life, Motivation, Family Separation, Exam Stress and Focus. Then send me a message and we can talk more about how I may help xx



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 My Values

Delicious Taste

Each chocolate is hand made my me, with the greatest care and attention, using natural, fresh and dried ingredients without artificial flavours and preservatives. I also use classic chocolatier techniques to ensure the perfect combination of texture, taste and flavour.

Beautiful Presentation

I believe presentation is just as important as the taste of the chocolate, so I pay lots of attention to how I present all of my chocolates – perfect for gifting to that special someone. Most importantly, I will try to use packaging made from recyclable, bio-degradable materials as much as possible.

Ethically Sourced

I use Callebaut chocolate, which is made from 100% sustainable cocoa. Every pack that is purchased reinvests into farms and communities across the Ivory Coast and Ghana. I also try to ensure that all of my other ingredients are from fair trade suppliers.







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